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    Defeat Depression with Expert Treatment

    Overcome with sadness, crushing fatigue, or hopelessness? Don't despair-depression is treatable. We offer expert counseling to defeat depression and help you get back on track… More>

  • Overcome Eating Disorders

    Conquer Anxiety and Chronic Worry

    Whether you have chronic worry, out of control stress or panic attacks, we'll teach you practical and proven skills to manage anxiety and feel more in control… More>

  • eating disorder Counselor in Greensboro, NC

    Overcome Eating Disorders

    Our eating disorder counselors can help you gain skills to end self-defeating habits with food, weight and dieting. You'll feel better about your body and yourself … More >

  • marriage counselors in Greensboro, NC

    Improve Your Marriage & Relationships

    Reduce conflict, increase affection and improve communication. A happier, healthier marriage or relationship is possible. Marriage counselors in Greensboro, NC…More>

  • Heather Kitchen - counselors in greensboro, NC

    A Professional and Caring Approach

    Heather Kitchen, LCSW, is a licensed therapist in Greensboro, NC. She specialize in research supported therapy to help adults and adolescents get back on track… More>