About Heather Kitchen, LCSW
&  Jennifer Whitney, Ph.D.

Pathways Counseling in Greensboro, NCUsing a friendly and instructive approach, Heather Kitchen, LCSW, and Jennifer Whitney, Ph.D., specialize in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), a research supported approach proven effective in treating eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and relationship problems. With CBT, they help Heather Kitchen,counselors in Greensboro, NCpeople correct negative thinking and behavior that leads to distress and mental health issues.

Clients also learn how to counsel themselves rationally and gain confidence in handling future difficulties. Because medication is sometimes an important part of recovery, Heather also works closely with health care providers to ensure that care is coordinated and effective.

A popular speaker, Heather Kitchen frequently presents workshops to the public and healthcare professionals on topics related to disordered eating, body image issues, stress management, relationship issues and more.

Heather Kitchen, LCSW

Heather has worked in a variety of healthcare and psychiatric settings helping clients make significant lifestyle changes in coping with health and mental health issues. She earned her Master in Social Work (MSW) degree from University of North Carolina School of Social Work in 2002 with a concentration in health and mental health practice. She also is a licensed clinical social worker in North Carolina. Jennifer has worked extensively in university settings helping students cope with the stressors of college, personal development, eating disorders, relationships and more. Jennifer earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Counselor Education at Ohio State University and is a licensed professional counselor.

Heather serves as resource liaison for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

She is the Greensboro Coordinator for the National Eating Disorders Association and is a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders.