Improve Your Marriage and Relationships

Are you and your partner arguing over and over again? Do you feel lonely in your marriage or relationship? Are you considering a divorce?

Don't despair. Greater intimacy and a more fulfilling relationship are possible. Marriage counselors, Heather Kitchen can help you learn important skills to reduce conflict and improve communication for a healthier relationship.

Learn proven and practical strategies to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Nurture affection, passion and friendship
  • Learn to repair hurt and enhance intimacy
  • Understand your partner’s needs without personalizing them
  • Create greater trust and shared meaning

What if your partner won’t participate in marriage counseling? Then consider taking action for yourself. Even when both individuals participate, you can only change yourself, not your spouse. And, research shows that changes made by one person in a couple can dramatically improve a relationship.

If your marriage is definitely headed toward separation or divorce, you may need support through this painful process. Separation and divorce can be a chance to build a new and improved life in the face of irreconcilable differences.

So, if your relationship is suffering, considering making an appointment. A healthier, happier marriage and life are possible.