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Playfulness Plays Role in Attracting a Mate



New research finds that playfulness and a sense of humor are important traits sought in romantic partners. Researchers at Penn State University liken playful behavior and a sense of humor to bright plumage on birds to attract a mate.

"Just as birds display bright plumage or coloration, men may attract women by showing off expensive cars or clothing, said professor Garry Chick. "In the same vein, playfulness in a male may signal to females that he is nonaggressive and less likely to harm them or their offspring. A woman's playfulness, on the other hand, may signal her youth and fertility."
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Honesty, Not Forgiveness, May Be Best for Couples



Emerging research suggests a marriage in which partners follow the time-honored tradition of forgive and forget can lead to problems.

The finding opposes the strategy of positive psychology - an approach that offered the promise that with forgiveness, optimism, kindness, and positive thinking, people can turn around their relationships even after a serious transgression. For more, go to this link.

Why Childhood Suffering Can Lead to Depression - And Even Addiction


It has long been established that childhood trauma increases a person's risk for developing and addiction later in life. Now, a small study of teens from the University of Texas offers one possible explanation.

The findings reveal that childhood suffering triggers a disruption in particular neural networks which are linked to a greater chance of developing substance abuse problems, depression or both in teens. For more, go to this link.